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The Exchange

Jun 22, 2022

Dorothy Eng, Executive Director for Code for Canada, Jonathan Craft, Policy Ready Co-Founder and Associate Professor at the University of Toronto and Jordan Samis, Senior Director Digital Delivery, with the British Columbia public service. continues the conversation from the Livestream with Ari Hershberg on Digital Talent in the Public Sector: Defining Success


As I shared on the webinar, attracting and retaining Digital Talent is a big challenge that has only grown through the experience of COVID-19. We had a passionate audience that openly shared their difficulties and problems with current hiuring, pay, and other areas they would like to see improved. We will  be covering the top five questions.

In the fall we will continue the series by offering three more conversations:

  1. Around the role of private sector in public sector digital transformation
  2. Role of learning and development in building digital capacity in public institutions 
  3. Growing and supporting digital communities to support this work


Hope you enjoyed this episode Digital Talent in the Public Sector: Defining Success. You can connect with me at,