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The Exchange

Aug 13, 2020

Stephanie Peter, Indigenous Initiatives Lead and Dea De Jarisco, Digital Talent Lead connect after the Face-to-Face with Racism webinar and share stories from the aftermath and theme from the webinar in a conversation, a 30-minute interview. Music by Roland Best PKA: E-RoL Beats

Jun 11, 2020

Spencer Tickner, Executive Director & Chief Technology Officer at the Ministry of Education shares stories when he was the product owner for different teams Queen's Printer. Spencer explain Agile Methodologies in a way that make sense for government. I think he has a wonderful way of explaining what is now a common word...

May 14, 2020

Host Ari Hershberg, Community Practice Lead talks to Todd Wilson, Director of Technology Solutions at the BCDevExchange about what it was like at the beginning of creating the BCDevExchange and the difficulties of introducing change in the...